Past Life Regression Therapist in Amsterdam that works with past lives to solve current life issues.

Regression & Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy in Amsterdam, looking at past lives to solve current life issues.

Regression is a safe, effective form of therapy.
And a wonderful way to help you understand who you are and what is your real purpose in life.
Regression and past life regression therapy can clear anxiety, trauma and deep physical and emotional pain.

This Life and Past Life Memories

Regression therapy connects you with your soul. It gives you a clear understanding of the “why” behind your challenges and losses, plans and expectations for your current life.

Regression and past life regression therapy are both forms of psychotherapy that seek to locate the cause of a present day problem in issues from the past. By seeking out these traumas in the subconscious and by reliving them and unloading them, one is able to come to terms with them and integrate them into ones life.

Regression therapy

Regression therapy is concerned with what happened in this life:
Things that happened the previous year, during youth, at birth, during pregnancy or at the moment of conception.

Past life regression therapy

Past life regression therapy looks further back than your present life.
The focus is on past lives and unresolved feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms carried from one life to the next.
It is based on the belief that the soul outlives the physical body and inhabits a new body. During this cycle the strengths and talents of the soul also re-inhabit the new body. But unfortunately so do also experiences that have been painful and so powerful that they continue to have influence over your present day life.

Between Lives Soul Memories

A between lives spiritual regression is a fascinating journey that explores soul memories before incarnating into your current life.

Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy

Key principle of the therapy is that the source of your present issues is to be found in experiences either from this life or from a previous life which you have yet to resolve.
If you really want to get to the root of a problem then (past life) regression therapy is a suitable and effective way to get there and free yourself from it.

With the help of regression therapy we uncover important issues or blockages that are affecting you in this life time, leading to:

> The improvement of the problem or its complete resolution
> Letting go of (unconscious) preconceived and limiting convictions
> Breaking of patterns
> Becoming truly conscious/aware and making sense of things
> More control of your life
> More vitality

Regression Therapy for whom?

With the help of this therapy you can deal with a wide variety of problems such as

> Fear, anxiety and phobias
> Depressions, or a general belief that nothing makes sense
> Convictions, preconceptions and patterns which cause problems
> Feelings of isolation, guilt or failure
> Problems at work or at school
> Domestic or relationship problems
> Not getting pregnant / unexplained infertility
> Near Death Experience (NDE)
> Vanishing twin syndrome – loss of a (twin) brother/ sister
> Staying stuck in anger
> Coming to terms with traumatic events
> Physical complaints which appear to have no apparent medical cause
> Health problems which are directly affected by ones mental state of mind
> Emotions, feelings and impressions after Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca aftercare)

Serious illnesses
In the case of chronic or life-threatening illnesses the therapy can allow insight into why one is ill, can sometimes lessen the symptoms or slow them down.

In the course of a successful treatment forgotten talent, potential and positive memories are often recalled. In this way talents and power are placed at your disposal again.

Double consciousness
In order to trace unresolved experiences you concentrate on sensations in your body, emotions, language and thoughts related to a problem in a therapeutic session. In so doing, you go into a mild state of trance. You remain conscious of where you are, with whom you are and what you want to work on. Alongside this you experience a whole range of feelings, thoughts and physical impressions about an event in the past that is related to your problem or complaint.

This vocabulary will give you more insight into the basic ideas involved in the therapy.