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Between Lives Regression

Between Lives Soul Regression

A between lives spiritual regression is a way to connect with the voice of your soul.
A way to uncover what you already know at soul level.

This soul journey is also known as Life Between Lives regression (LBL regression).
It is based on the work and books of many pioneers including Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon and Helen Wambach.

It helps you to get a deeper understanding of how you can clear the unconscious barriers that interfere with your ability to create a joyful, soul-inspired life.

A between lives spiritual regression is a fascinating journey that explores soul memories before incarnating into your current life. It will enable you to experience understanding of the soul’s overall purpose and of the purpose of your current incarnation.
You are here for a reason.

A spiritual regression and recovered spiritual memories can give you:
– more clarity about your soul history and soul purpose
– new hope, greater meaning and empowerment in your life
– a sense of coming home
– more clarity about what relationships and life situations have to teach you
– insight in why you sometimes feel different
– advice for change
– insight concerning soul contracts that were made prior to this lifetime

A complete Between Lives Regression session takes 3 to 4,5 hours.
Before you undertake this soul journey, an intake discussion is advisable. Sometimes, instead of an intake, filling in a questionnaire might be sufficient.
A Between Lives Regression session costs €260,-

Do you have no experience with past life regression, or have you have never done hypnotherapy before? Then it is recommended to undertake a (past life) regression session first.
This is a separate appointment before the Between Lives Regression session.
The (past life) regression session takes about 2 hours, €145, and I will send you a questionnaire beforehand.

More information about a past life regression you can find here

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!

I am a certified Between Lives Spiritual Regression graduate from the Past Life Regression Academy and a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

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