Client reviews for both EMDR therapy and past life regression therapy sessions in Amsterdam with Michelle Groot.

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I reached out to Michelle in search of EMDR therapy for trauma related to pregnancy loss. She helped me work through the pain, get my mental health back on track, and start healing in a much more productive and effective way.

Not only that, but she helped me work through some issues that I didn’t even realise I was harbouring from childhood. This has led to me feeling strong and empowered to establish personal boundaries with others in my life, forming healthier relationships and advocating for myself where I was previously too scared.

To say the sessions with Michelle were life changing for me may sound very dramatic, but that is genuinely how I feel. I am a healthier, stronger individual thanks to EMDR therapy with Michelle.


Thank you so very much for your beautiful support during my regression today – I felt very safe and unjudged in that space that you provided for me to go through the experience.

Michelle is an experienced hypnotherapist and someone who puts you at ease very quickly, making you feel comfortable by creating a safe environment to open up which ultimately leads to fast results in only a couple of sessions (in my case).

During my regressions I received invaluable guidance and insignts to ponder on. After each session I felt transformed, learnt a great deal about myself and had meaningful results.

I would highly recommend Michelle for anyone willing to target a specific area, looking for a ‘spring-clean of their mind’ or being just curious to experience mystical.

‘Astoundingly beautiful ! I’m sure it was providence that Michelle came along at the right time to help me understand and heal my unsettling life journey. Before traveling from Australia to the Netherlands I chanced upon Michelle’s past life regression website. I just knew she was the right person to guide me through a session when I read her inspirational life journey, additionally, she has a love for nature which ticked an important box for me.

On meeting Michelle I had an instant connection, I could also trust her which was of utmost importance to me. Throughout the 3 1/2 hour session with Michelle , I felt an intense emotion; I could sense the shift within myself and in my life almost immediately. Many wonderful subtle transformations have ensued.

Michelle was a consummate professional, thorough and organised with all her regression protocols. She brought a beautiful intuition and deep compassion to my session, also a calmness and joyful warmth to the overall atmosphere.

Thank-you I hope to return. I feel blessed!’

Liz Marsh

Michelle!!!!!! Thank you so much you lovely soul you!
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you today. You are such a bright light. Thank you for the session. It was a really special beautiful experience.

I came home and wrote it all down in my journal, lit some candles and said thank you to all the spirits who joined and for the healing energy 💕

The sessions with you really helped me a lot and I think really contributed in a deep way to heal the traumas of the last few years, and the biggest gift to me was to really identify and get clear on my core wound. So thank you very much for that gift.

If I want to do more EMDR or regression work, I’ll come specifically to Amsterdam to have a session with you. I really liked our connection and how safe and seen I felt with you. Truly. You as a practitioner, will be one of of the things I’ll be sad I can’t bring with me 🙂

Lots of love and all the best,

Life Between Lives Regression Experience

This is an incredible experience and so enlightening, actually revealing your soul purpose and why you are here on the earth plane, in this lifetime!

I would describe it as like a near death experience without dying, actually revealing what happens when we leave our body and go into the spirit realms! It’s not in the least bit scary – just amazing as you meet with your spirit guide, reunite with your soul group and also speak with the ‘Wise beings’ or ‘Ascended masters’ as they are called!

Michelle was amazing and as a hypnotherapist myself I have to feel safe and comfortable with my therapist, otherwise I would not fully relax (which is necessary for the session.) I felt comfortable and safe from the onset and knew I was in the hands of a very experienced lady and gentle soul. The session was something I will never forget and I recommend anyone who is thinking about it to ‘go for it!’ It is ‘life changing!’

I can’t recommend Michelle enough – she is a very special lady who instantly makes you feel at ease and she’s quite simply ‘The best!’

Elaine Kenworthy – Derbyshire England

When I found Michelle’s website and saw her photograph, I had the strong feeling I would make a good connection with her.

I was not at all wrong! Besides the strange and miraculous fact of meeting myself in previous lifetimes, there was an immediate end and relief from at least one emotional problem of feeling lonely and isolated while out in the world among others.

I found Michelle to be kind, compassionate, non judgmental and generous with her beautiful spirit and her time. I could not recommend her more strongly.

With love from Pat in the U.S.

Good morning

I wanted to tell you again Thank you for the session yesterday and for the letting me touch and feel my soul in a way I have never done before!

I am still overwhelmed by everything, also humbled

And I will see you again soon
Meeting you felt so comfortable and nice and enjoyable.
We must have met a life or two before 🙂

Have a great day

Hey there! You used to be my therapist a few years ago and we did some EMDR and also some regression sessions together at some point.

I just want to thank you for that, they really helped me and I also remembered a lot of interesting things about my multidimensional nature because of that.

I felt you deserved some recognition for that ♥️ it’s good to be reminded how much our actions help others sometimes in weird and unexpected ways 😁

I received an amazing gift from Michelle Groot during a recent trip to Amsterdam to visit for the first time a biological family member I never knew I had. I am an adoptee with no traceable, recorded family history so this trip was a very pivotal point in the story of my life and origin.
My life has profoundly changed since this reunion and layering Michelle’s work into this process of self-discovery and self-exploration was one of the most healing experiences that I had no idea I needed.

Upon first meeting Michelle, I was struck by her warm, magnetic energy, comforting and wholesome, a mother-like quality that put me immediately at ease. It is because of these innate qualities Michelle possesses, along with my willingness to open myself to her and trust her, that a connection formed between us that served as the foundation for the truly remarkable experience I carry with me to this day.

Michelle was able to unlock and release from my deepest subconscious what I believe are images, feelings and reflections my birth-mother and I felt together while I was with her during the nine months before my birth.

I felt my mother’s immense emotional and physical pain, and the incredible pressure and stress from our surroundings; I understood the ominous, hulking stone building in context – finally – after having seen it only fleetingly in my dreams when I was much younger; I felt both the profound love she shared with my birth-father and her pain upon losing him; and I received her warm embrace and marveled at realizing she has indeed been with me my whole life and remains with me, her son, to this day.

These long ago and faraway memories are gifts brought to light from deep within my past that I would have never been able to receive if not for Michelle’s expertise, connection, support, and love.

Michelle does not give you answers, nor does she use suggestion or manipulation to “create” or “design” your experience. Instead, Michelle’s practice provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to relax and disconnect from the daily stresses of life.
The energy she brings invites you to open yourself up comfortably and safely to all that may awaken and rise from the depths of your past, that which has been tucked away in the darkest, quietest parts of your psyche.

I will emphasize that any patron of Michelle’s work should prepare to relinquish control, do your part to meet Michelle’s trustful and reassuring intentions with your own trust and reassurance of her innate talent, know how to connect to all facets of your mind, body, and spirit, and remain open to all that may draw forth from the healing energy of Michelle’s hands, voice, heart, and spirit.

I am deeply indebted to Michelle and will always hold these precious gifts of memories very, very close to my heart. I will feel the magnitude of Michelle’s impact forever, I’m sure of it.

New York City, USA

Thank you for today. I am not finished processing all that happened, but I feel it helped and I’m going in the right direction about it.

My intuition tells me I have made a good decision choosing you as my therapist, especially because I can talk more freely about the spiritual side of things. At the same time, I feel you have a more grounded approach to spirituality which is more of my cup of tea. I don’t like it when people use spirituality to run away from their issues and forget all about the human journey they are supposed to be on, nor do I like it when people are closed off completely to anything spiritual. In short, I’ve noticed a healthy balance in you when it comes to spirituality.

Today I have also noticed that your intuition helps you a lot in how to move forth in the therapy process so I have decided to trust that and go where your intuition wants to go.