Beliefs may have been created a long time ago. Some are empowering.
Other beliefs may have been useful for survival at the time, but hold you back at the present moment.
Beliefs stick around even though they are no longer needed.

Examples of negative beliefs are:
‘There is something wrong with me’
‘Women are not to be trusted’
‘I am unlovable’

Most issues have limiting beliefs at their core. These core beliefs create your reality and hold you back. They shape our view of ourselves, others and the world.

Regression therapy helps you to connect with the subconscious mind, dissolve old trauma’s, heal childhood wounds and change old beliefs.
It helps you to see who you really are and to move forward in life much more easily.

Inner Child

Effects of prenatal stress can affect children into adulthood.
Chances are that your beliefs began forming while you were inside your mother’s womb.
For example, your mother might have felt fear because she was in danger.
Or maybe you as a developing fetus lost your tiny twin brother or sister in the womb.

In the womb and in the first years of our life before we have a language, beliefs form as experiences, feeling, and survival based conclusions about the world.

During childhood we may experience trauma that is deeply painful and sometimes quite unbearable. In such moments the psyche has various ways to protect and help the child to survive.

The psyche protects itself as it detaches from that part of itself experiencing the trauma. In case of a childhood event, it is likely that the child victim becomes frozen in time: an inner-child. The rest of the personality continues to grow up.
The frozen inner-child is able to subconsciously influence the growing person. Often in powerful and significant ways, throughout the rest of their life.

Whatever happened in your childhood, it has had an impact on you for most of your life. You came to conclusions about it, and then to beliefs about yourself, the world and the people.

It is very healing to return to the source of the trauma. This allows you to be reunited with the frozen aspects of yourself. The events will then be reframed with a new perspective that transforms old beliefs and their resulting behaviors.

In my practice I work with several healing techniques to reintegrate the frozen inner-child with its adult self:

Regression therapy, including working with inner-child therapy is an excellent way to connect with and reintegrate frozen aspects of yourself.

We also work with your body’s wisdom. Every trauma and every belief is associated with particular body sensations, and every sensation has a particular message.

EMDR and The Journey – developed by Brandon Bays – are also proven methods to adress childhood trauma.