Consultations for regression therapy, EMDR, past life regression or life between lives start with an intake discussion or already a short session.


Intake Regression & Past Life Regression Therapy
– First appointment –

Before the therapy a comprehensive intake discussion takes place. This takes about 2 hours. During this discussion we try to clarify the nature of your problems. We also focus on aspects of your present life in which your problems manifest themselves (biography), and on your ancestral history. This intake discussion also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know the therapist.

Instead …

of the intake discussion of 2 hours, there is the possibility to have both a short intake and already a short regression session at the first appointment.
This takes 2,5 hours. If you prefer this, I will send you a questionnaire by email to fill in beforehand.

Intake EMDR Therapy
– First appointment –

We start with an intake session. This is required to understand the nature of the problem and to decide whether EMDR therapy is an appropriate treatment. We will also discuss EMDR more fully. The intake consultation takes 2 to 2,5 hrs. After this intake session the actual EMDR therapy may begin.

Sessions (Regression or EMDR)

The 2-hour sessions that then follow incorporate a short preliminary discussion. They focus on reliving unresolved issues and experiences and how to deal with them, unload them and integrate them into your life.

A problem is often the result of several unresolved experiences. In order to deal with these fully, especially in light of the underlying theme, a series of sessions is usually necessary.

A Between Lives Soul Regression

This is also known as a Between Lives Spiritual Regression, a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) or a Soul Regression.
The complete session takes 3 to 4,5 hours and costs €260,-.
Before you undertake this soul journey, an intake discussion is advisable. Sometimes, instead of an intake, filling in a questionnaire might be sufficient.

If you have never had a (past life) regression or hypnosis session before, it is best to book a (past life) regression session first (2 hours, €145) This is a separate appointment before the Between Lives Regression session.


All payments are due on the day of consultation.
Payment in cash after each consultation.

A consultation of 1 hour costs €80
A standard consultation / session takes 2 hours and costs €145
The standard intake of about 2 hours costs €145.

An intake incl. a short regression or past life regression session of 2,5 hours costs €175
An EMDR therapy intake takes 2 to 2,5 hours and costs €145 to €175

A complete Between Lives Regression session costs €260,-


A 48 hours notice is necessary if you must cancel a session. Failure to give sufficient notice by email to will result in the full session fee due.

A number of Dutch insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs of (past life) regression therapy as part of a special additional insurance policy.
I am licensed and registered as a health practitioner number 90010789 in the records of the relevant authority, the AGB-register.